I’ve had an accident. Now what?

First of all, we hope you are ok.

When your car needs to be towed from an accident scene, here is a check list of steps to take:

  1. Tell the Police officer your preference of tow company. Hopefully it’s Abyss Towing!
  2. Contact your insurance company and let them know what company towed your car.
  3. Let the tow company know if you need to retrieve any items from your vehicle.
  4. Your insurance company will coordinate with you and the tow company to have your vehicle brought to a repair facility if it is repairable.
  5. You will need to contact the tow company to approve release of the vehicle after instructed by your insurance company.

If you DO NOT have insurance, you will be responsible for any towing and impound fees. Abyss Towing will always make an effort to work with uninsured motorists to help them salvage the vehicle as long as they communicate their intent and make every effort to take care of charges. Remember, just because your vehicle is gone, doesn’t mean the responsibility for the vehicle goes away with it. Any abandoned vehicle will have towing and impound fees associated with it once it it towed. The best practice is to immediately communicate with the tow company who has your vehicle and continue communicating with them until the issue has been resolved.

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